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    Years Experience of This Field

    About Us

    Professional Grade Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

    Expert & Experienced Electricians for Residential to Commercial, outdoor to indoor services with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experts will ensure there is no wiring faults, risks and ensure the improved, secured wiring.

    Expert Electrician

    Safety Assurance

    • Emergency Power Solutions (Generators, Transformers)
    • Wiring installations, upgradations, Checkups
    • 24/7 Service

    Safety Inspection

    Inspection of wirings to ensure the connections are in proper state.

    Electric Installation

    Secured, Neat & Clean installation of electrical Panels by experts.

    Wiring Checkup tasks

    Wiring checkups for proper electrical supply & future safety issues.

    Why Choose Us

    Great Reasons For People Choose Easton

    We believe on our qualified services which made us one of the best service Provider. Our team always focuses on :

    Affordable Price
    Insured Experts
    Flat Rate Pricing
    Advance Systems
    Custom Support
    24/7 Availability
    Our Services

    We are the Professional
    Electrical Service Provider

    • Domestic Services
    • Industrial Service
    • Commercial Service

    Domestic Services

    We do domestic household electrical services, ensuring your electricity line is on the perfect state and you remain from future hazards from accidental failures like short-circuits.

    Regular checkup & proper installations of wiring and electrical Components by expert electricians are so important. Our key features:

    Ceiling Fan Installations

    new connections, fixing old connections

    Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor area connections, Pool lightings

    Washer/Dryer & Appliance Lines

    Proper wiring lines for home appliances

    Panel Upgrades

    upgradation task on older electric panels

    Industrial Service

    We are the best provider of industrial and commercial electrical services. For a wide range of clients, we have successfully executed projects of various sizes, from simple to sophisticated.
    Our staffs are highly skilled, seasoned electricians with an exceptional blend of knowledge, ability, and abilities.

    They are prepared to offer efficient, professional, and effective assistance without interfering with your business operations.

    Design & Build

    We can provide Industrial electrical designs, wiring ideas

    24/7 Service

    You can get us our services 24/7, we are ready to help you

    New Installation

    New installations of electrical components on industrial scale

    Retrofits & Repair

    We can do retrofits, repairs also where new component is not possible

    Rapid Dispatch

    Our team performs rapid dispatch for fastest solution, no delay on production

    Power quality checks

    Checking the condition of power lines for electrical supply quality

    Domestic Services

    Compared to domestic electrical repair work, commercial electrical installations require far more specialized labor.

    These tasks have a direct impact on the production system since they can save electrical costs and increased equipment longevity. Our services focuses:

    • Diagnosis of Electrical lines
    • Repair of Equipments if needed
    • Installations of Electrical Equips
    • Upgradations of panels
    • Electrical Safety check
    • Line power quality checks
    • Commercial Lighting setups
    • Helping Energy Saving tasks
    • Electrical System Maintenance
    • Line Security assurance
    • Whole House Surge Protector
    • Quickest fault fixing
    Our Staff

    Our Professional Electrician


    Frequently Asked Question

    Some of the most asked questions here asked by our valuable Customers…

    • Can’t I just call a handyman to fix minor electrical problems?

      handymen don’t have specialty training in electrical work. Although most have basic electrical skills, that may not be enough to ensure safety and accuracy, which may increase the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. It is best to get a professional and skilled electrician to ensure the job will be done right the first time.

    • How do you handle emergency electrical issues?

      We prioritize safety and customer satisfaction above all. Our professional and skilled electricians are always available to respond to electrical emergencies promptly, day or night.

    • What are some signs that I need electrical repair work?

      you can contact us for an emergency call. Some reasons to contact us include:
      Poor lighting quality
      High energy costs
      Power surges
      regular tripping of circuit breakers.

    • Do I need to be present when your team is working?

      We know that you are busy. So once we assess the problem together, you will not need to be present as we do our work.

    • Are You Licensed and Insured?

      We respect the Govt. Laws, rules, policies and all the official documentations and procedures are well covered.


    What Our Client Say
    About Easton.

    Pricing Table

    No Hidden Charge,
    Choose your Pricing Plan


    Domestic Competitive price plan on budget …

    • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
    • Apliance Installation
    • Annual Inspection
    • Ceiling Fan Installation
    • Replacement Wiring
    • 24 hour Response


    Affordable price plan for industrial purposes …

    • Ceiling Fan Installation
    • Install Double Power
    • Install Outdoor Power
    • Annual Inspection
    • Surge Maintenance
    • Electrical Inspection


    Budget saver plan for Commercial purposes …

    • Annual A/C Inspection
    • Electrical Inspection
    • Install Double Power
    • Retrofits and Upgrades
    • Install Outdoor Power
    • Critical Installation

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    Don't hesitate to call us on any Electrical Service, our team awaits your call.

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